A small and personal charity

Dom-ray was founded by Emily Cohen (Emmy) in 2007. In the summer of 2006, she volunteered in the Cambodian shelter and community education centre New Future for Children (NFC). During this visit she was shocked by the situation in Cambodia, where disadvantaged children are at risk of becoming victims of crime, child labour and child prostitution.

Small-scale and effective

Dom-ray is a small and personal charity. All administration and fundraising is carried out by the trustees or volunteers and is unpaid. We strive to keep administrative costs to a minimum. Other costs, such as project visits in Cambodia, are not funded by Dom-ray, but paid by the trustees or volunteers themselves. This way we ensure that your donations reach those in need: the vulnerable, disadvantaged Cambodian youngsters.

Collaboration is key

Local charities and organisations that provide vulnerable, disadvantaged youngsters with guidance, safe housing and education opportunities are important to prevent these youngsters from being exploited. They help break the vicious circle of poverty. A shortage of funds and the happy, motivated and lovable children inspired Emily Cohen to continue to support NFC after her initial visit in 2006. Therefore she founded Dom-ray in 2007 and has been passionately running this charity ever since.

Emily Cohen

Emily Cohen is deeply concerned with the fate of children and young people. After completing her medical studies at Maastricht University in 2012, she started working within the field of paediatrics. Currently, she is holding the position of resident in paediatrics and thus cares for children on a daily basis. Besides her work as a medical doctor in the field of paediatrics, she is also committed to her work for Dom-ray.


Since its foundation in 2007, Dom-ray has been working very closely together with the Cambodian organisation New Future for Children (NFC). NFC was founded back in 2003. Its mission was to provide some 100 disadvantaged and vulnerable children with a safe home and good quality education. Since its foundation NFC has gradually transformed from orphanage to community education centre. Together with Dom-ray NFC has initiated several new projects throughout the years.

Golden Futures (UK) is another of Dom-Ray’s close partners. Like Dom-ray, Golden Futures was founded in 2007 after British volunteers spent time at NFC. Focal points in the collaboration with Golden Futures are mentoring the youngsters involved in our projects and focusing on their career development. For specific projects Dom-ray also works together with other partners.