Support us in a way that suits you

Thanks to the help of our donors we strengthen the position of an ever-growing group of Cambodian children and young adults.

With your help we can not only provide what these youngsters need on a daily basis, but also improve their futures considerably. With every donation of knowledge, skills and means our position is strengthened and dreams can be fulfilled.

Support us financially

Some people like to contribute once, but others prefer to donate on a monthly basis. It is completely up to you how much you would like to donate or how often. Any donation, big and small, is appreciated by us and the children and youngsters who profit from these donations.

Donation is possible in several ways. You can donate by means of a bank transfer, PayPal and iDeal.
As Dom-Ray is an ANBI, tax reduction is possible under certain conditions.

Donate by iDeal/Mollie

Using the form below you can donate online through iDeal/mollie

You can choose for a once-only donation, an annual donation or even monthly donations. You can also donate anonymously; registering your name or email address is not mandatory.

When you press ‘Donate’, you will be directed to


Donate by PayPal

Using the button below you will be directed to our exclusive donation page on the PayPal website.

The link opens a new, secure frame in which you enter the amount you want to donate. Next you will be asked to log in with your PayPal log-in details.

Donate through PayPal

Donate by bank transfer/IBAN

If you want to donate through a bank transfer, you will find our details here:

Stichting Dom-ray
Paramaribostraat 139-1
1058VK Amsterdam

IBAN: NL48ABNA0602123801

KvK: 14095608
ANBI RSIN 818238057

Support us with your knowledge or your time

Financial donations are really appreciated, but any help in the form of your knowledge or your time is more than welcome as well. For instance, if you are experienced in acquiring funds, if you have a broad network or if you have other forms of specialised knowledge and if you are willing to support our charity free of charge, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an e-mail.

Your help could serve as an example to others

One example of such cooperation is the support by the marketing and communication firm Pappenheimers from Arnhem, The Netherlands. They assist us in expanding our reach and setting up media campaigns across various media, by creating a fresh new look for our charity, and by setting up a new website and keeping it in order, all of this free of charge.

Not in vain

As a our heartfelt thank you we will publish regular updates about your involvement:

  • the help you are offering;
  • how exactly this is put into practice;
  • and how your work for us bears fruit.