Get to know our 2022 scholarship recipients.
Theara is 20 years old and started studying Marketing at the National University of Management. Her brothers and her eldest sisters were not able to finish their high school because of financial reasons. Thearoth, her sister who is three years older, also receives a scholarship through Dom-ray. Theara wants to follow her lead; it is her dream to study at university and to have the opportunity the brighten her and her family’s future.   
Panha is also 20 years old. He started his studies in Civil Engineering at Norton University. Panha has three older brothers, of whom only one studied at university. The others had to quit their high school prematurely because of financial reasons. His younger brother is still attending high school. Panha wants to study Civil Engineering because he dreams of contributing to the development of his country. He also hopes that he can secure a well paid job in this ‘booming’ industry, which will ensure a brighter future for himself and his family.
Would you like sponsor a student? For approximately 40 Euros per month you can fund a university degree. You can choose which student you would like to sponsor and you will receive regular updates on how the student is doing. And because Stichting Dom-ray is a Dutch ANBI, you can deduct your donations from your (Dutch) income tax! Get in touch to learn more!